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With our combined 15+ years of experience, and education in Fine Arts, and Early Childhood Education we are excited to open, and operate Artistic Approach Studio! Our doors are open to everyone, and we encourage coming in to have a look around. We will be offering after school art classes to all ages, as well as other events to come - including but not limited to, knitting nights, paint nights, mommy-and-me classes, birthday parties, and special holiday events.

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Leah Dennis - Artistic Approach Studio, ECE

Leah Dennis

Having graduated from Early Childhood Education in 2014, I have enjoyed working with children from infants to 12 years of age. Mostly working in daycare settings as well before and after school programs I have always enjoyed how creative the mind is and love seeing imagination come to life.

My artistic passions include knitting, crocheting, and sewing as well as appreciating the finer arts.

I am also very eco-obsessed and will always find a way to reuse or recycle and skip the non-reusable options.

Janet Harpley-Aco - Artistic Approach Studio, Fine Artist

Janet Harpley-Aco

I have always been artistic; from a young age being exposed to creative and talented people, and putting those experiences into practice while developing my own passion for fine art. I graduated from Georgian College's Fine Arts program in 2007, and have been constantly honing my craft since; from painting, drawing, and murals - to tattoos, and sculpture, it is my true passion.

I am excited to share my experience, and love of fine art with Georgina.

I enjoy working in all mediums and forms of art, and focus mostly on paintings, prints, found materials and drawings. My belief is that the constant bombardment of contemporary media is indelibly permanent and it is this daily observation of non-stop images that put a voice to my creative expression in my work.


Fine Art for Kids! (Ages 5-10) (8 lessons)

Tuesdays @ 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Lessons will be focused on teaching fundamentals of drawing, painting, and sculpture with various media of artistic expression relating to these subjects.

$192* + HST per student.

*Includes materials.

Fine Art for Kids! (Ages 11-14) (8 lessons)

Tuesdays @ 6:45pm - 8:15pm

Lessons will be focused on teaching fundamentals of drawing, painting, and sculpture with various media of artistic expression relating to these subjects.

$192* + HST per student.

*Includes materials.

Private Lesson (Everyone)

Enquire at  connect@artisticapproachstudio.ca  for availability.

We offer private lessons for all ages, with a wide range of media! Our lessons include, but are not limited to:

  • Drawing with pencils, pencil crayons, pastels, or charcoal
  • Painting with acrylic, watercolour, or oil paints
  • Sculpture with sculpy, or plasticine
  • Knitting
  • Crocheting
  • We encourage you to enquire, and let us know what you're passionate about developing a skill for. And we will do our best to accommodate!

    Pricing subject to lesson requested and materials required.

    Knitting Night (Everyone)

    Wednesdays @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm

    Come out and see what we're all about; make some friends while you're knitting up a storm! Make sure you bring your current project (knitting, or crocheting), a good attitude, and a cup... for tea.


    Birthday Parties

    Enquire at  connect@artisticapproachstudio.ca  for more information and availability.

    The birthday boy, or girl will have a choice of theme and artistic craft relating to the chosen theme. The party will be 2.5 hours in length, with the first hour and a half instructing the "partiers". Following that will be an hour of party time for food, presents, and cake!

    Our space allows for 8 "partiers", and the birthday boy, or girl's parents/guardians. Limited space for additional parents.

    $160* + HST for 8 "partiers".

    *Includes materials.

    Food, and cake is not provided by the Studio; any food brought into the Studio must be nut free.

    Mommy, Daddy, And Me

    ---Coming Soon---

    Family Lesson

    ---Coming Soon---

    Paint Nights

    ---Coming Soon---

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